Astronaut or Space Cadet? Both.

I’m a person who has many interests and enjoys a varied life and career. Currently I work as a freelance WordPress designer/developer and administrator, virtual assistant, personal organizer, and do a few other fun things on the side. I have also had a long career in retail, many years in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and just as many in administrative roles. The thread that ties these all together is my focus on connecting with people, which is truly where I excel.

I consider myself a WordPress expert, having used it since it’s inception roughly twenty years ago. My development skillset includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. I am constantly learning new skills and am currently learning Python and experimenting with generative AI. I have been designing websites since 2004, mostly for small businesses, intermittently, as well as my own personal projects. My self taught journey into web development began in the late 1990s when I had my own small business and needed a website, eventually spending more time learning to create and maintain it than performing my actual business duties. I truly enjoy empowering people and small businesses with creative solutions and really value the perspective such a long history of doing so provides me.

Outside of the web development world, I love cooking and feeding people, and you’ll often find me in the kitchen or writing about meals. And I use this talent when I can in service of various Mutual Aid causes, which are another passion. A life long love of learning keeps me entertained – I am a bit of a news junkie, and love learning about space and physics as well as sociology and history. A sister-in-law once described me as “the kind of person who makes best friends wherever she goes,” it surprised me but realized it’s true. Troy Campbell once called me a “Swiss Army knife person” – I was honored and have adopted it as my personal tag line. I am a mother to an adult child who is my biggest accomplishment. Ihave a large complex family and two cats that I adore. I am both too silly and too serious, most of the time. And I believe in the overarching message of the phrase “Black Lives Matter, trans rights are human rights, science is real, no human is illegal, love is love, and kindness is everything.”